Wood Flag Cases

Wooden Shadow Boxes for Flags are Classic Memorial Beauties

Wood flag cases are ideal for memorializing current or retired military or other uniformed service people and can also be used to display medals and other items of memorabilia such as medallions, coins photos, pins, citations, badges etc. While they are commonly used as part of memorial services or to permanently memorialize a family’s beloved military veteran, wood flag cases are great for any special flag. Each year, for example, at least 250,000 American flags ride high for a day over famous United States buildings in honor of some honored person or event, and, after their special display, these flags are typically housed for the ages in a wood flag case. Wood flag cases are a great way to display preserve and protect cherished patriotic memories of all types.

Flag cases have been used over the decades, perhaps most commonly, by families who want to display the American flag that each United States military veteran receives upon his or her death. (Each year more than 600,000 flags are presented to military personnel and their families in honor of dedication and service to their country, and it is interesting to note that the U.S. is the only country in the world to practice this tradition.)

Wood Flag Cases offer a traditional and honorable remembrance

Wood flag cases are available in a variety of styles and finishes that will help you personalize the memory of your loved-one. Wood flag cases are usually made of a variety of types of solid, sturdy wood designed to last for years. Wood flag cases can be made of oak, walnut or mahogany, and they come with a glass or clear front so you can see the flag. Wood flag cases generally come with engraved metal or brass plates.

Wood flag display cases are designed to fit the typical memorial flag (casket flag) measuring 5′ x 9.5′, however flag sizes do vary, so it is important when choosing your case to know the size of your flag you have selected to go into a flag display case.  That said, any government issued flag should fit in the most common sized wood flag cases, provided the flag is folded according to strict, historic – and patriotic – traditions that the United States military follows.

Wall mounting kits are included with most wood flag cases, but you should also consider exhibiting your flag display case on a pedestal that, by elevating the flag and wood flag case, focuses the attention to the flag. A variety of beautiful pedestals are available for the wood flag cases that can be personalized with a name, dates and a service emblem. Engraved plates can also be attached, with an adhesive back, to the flag case itself.

Another consideration is where the wood flag cases will be exhibited.  While most wood flag display cases may be mounted to a wall, some wood flag cases are more suitable in a mantle or table display. Larger wood flag cases, particularly those which include a “shadowbox” or additional area to feature medals, patches, pins, or memorabilia can weigh in at upwards of 30 pounds when filled, so caution should be taken when wall mounting these models of wood flag cases.